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The Challenges of Autonomy and Autonomy as a Challenge

Thinking Autonomy in Challenging Times

Download full text: The Challenges of Autonomy and Autonomy as a Challenge

List of contributors


Introduction: The Challenges of Autonomy and Autonomy as a Challenge. Thinking Autonomy in Challenging Times.

Maria Cristina Clorinda Vendra, Paolo Furia, Dagmar Kusá

I Paul Ricœur: Thinker of Autonomy. Interdisciplinary Perspectives

  1. Freedom of Will and Freedom from Will: Personal Autonomy in Paul Ricœur

Jakub Čapek

  1. Du Texte à L’image: L’autonomie du Sens en Question 

Johann Michel

  1. Paul Ricœur and the Limits of Critique

Sophie Vlacos

  1. Parole et Autonomie

Monica Gorza

  1. Autonomy as a Task for Education. Hermeneutics and Pragmatism in Dialogue    

Francesca D’Alessandris

  1. The Challenges of Political Autonomy in Paul Ricœur’s Thought

Paolo Furia

  1. Reflecting on Identity and Autonomy in a Datafied Society with Paul Ricœur  

Guido Gorgoni

  1. Embodied Autonomy and the Natural Environment: Thinking Ecological Autonomy

Maria Cristina Clorinda Vendra

  1. Memory as Justice? (In-)Capable Subject and the (Im-)Possibility of Justice 

Dagmar Kusa

II The End of Autonomy? Challenges to Autonomy in Social and Political Contexts

  1. Self-Determining Animals: Human Nature and Relational Autonomy in Hegel’s Philosophy of Nature

León Antonio Heim

  1. Corporate State and Personal Autonomy. A Phenomenological Approach

Andrzej Gniazdowski

  1. Everyday Autonomy: The Case of People with Disabilities Through Capabilities Approach

Lukáš Siegel

  1. Free Will from the Viewpoint of Moral Development

Dila Özenç

  1. Absurd Rebellion Against Covid

Dominik Kulcsár

  1. Inside the Submarine: European Dreams of Autonomy in the Global World

Adam Bence Balázs


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